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Specific Services

Audio Optimisation

Balancing & Normalisation of audio signal to an ideal level for listening comfort. Noise reduction/cancellation as required.


All spoken text copied verbatim to Word transcription file. Adapted according to client specification – editing of hesitation, repetition, exclamations, etc. as well as 2nd-language grammatical errors to avoid any ambiguity.

Text Preparation

According to intended use, text prepared for subtitling, for voice scripting, for on-screen text, slide-show, presentation, brochure etc.


Any media-related text (e.g. subtitling/voiceover/on-screen): Precise definition of timings for beginning & end of each phrase, in format compatible with subsequent use and file types.


Text for translation packaged in our dedicated template according to intended final media and format, to facilitate translation and proofreading by our trained and specialised translators (or those of our partners in linguistic services) according to the relevant norms and criteria.

Voice recording

Our voice talents are native-language specialists, trained and experienced in a range of styles of voice requirements and drawn from our directory of several thousand actors. Once the voices have been identified according to language and validated by our client, the prepared target-language script is recorded and sent for post-production.


Once target texts have been validated and timed, texts and timings are imported to specific subtitle file formats for burning to video as required. After font & style selection (colours, custom positioning & timing adjustments as required) and final proofread, the final subtitle file is saved ready for rendering.

Video editing

According to requirements and source material available: video localisation based on intended usage and target-culture requirements (e.g. re-localised texts & images for a specific geographical market).

Rights-free music backgrounds

A large range of musical themes & styles to emphasise and characterise your message.


Whether audio or video, animation, text or a multimedia combination of these, post-production enables the optimisation of the final product, to the specifications of the source file (unless otherwise required by the client) before rendering. Audio is cleaned, normalised, synchronised, mixed to music or other audio backgrounds and checked, before audio mixes, texts and subtitles are rendered to video as required.

Media rendering

Video rendering (creation of the final target video for the language required) is configured according to source (audio+video) file specifications or specific client requirements (e.g. to Web format, cinema etc.).

Secure, Fast Delivery

As an Community Partner, we deliver media files via our secure server at OVH, an independent European datacenter with near-zero downtime & triple redundancy, accessible worldwide (and now the world’s 3rd-largest datacenter in terms of capacity). We can also deliver via any public file-sharing platform our client prefers.

Tell us what you require

Our know-how is continually growing ahead of upcoming technical developments in media and communications supports and formats and the strict conditions they impose on localisation into dozens of languages.
Tell us about your next media campaign so we can help you avoid all the inevitable, unseen obstacles awaiting you, confidentiality guaranteed.

What Our Clients Say


Group Communications Manager, Sweet Punk

Thank you for your fast turnaround, your professionalism and for the quality of your services!




My client is very happy with the result. She says it’s perfect!


Project Manager,

Really classy voice! Fits very well!


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